bar graphs incorrect visuals



I am experiencing an issue with Grouped bar graphs. The x-axis is duplicated with the items, despite the data is seen correctly on Data Table (inside analyzer) and also when put on a HTML Table. Using beast mode calc for values. The category column is straight from the dataset.


  • david_cunningham

    Are you sure you're aggregating your values? Also, check out if you are manually applying a sort, that can sometimes mess with how charts are displayed.

    David Cunningham

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  • LearningNinja
    LearningNinja Member
    edited June 8

    @david_cunningham - Yes! The same beast modes and same combinations worked earlier. Infact, I have a chart which has a same configuration which shows in the desired way. Howver, if I just remove and add same beast, the x-axis is shown with duplicate values.

  • LearningNinja

    The data table shows aggregated value with only 4 rows. 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.

    The same 4 rows are visible in HTML Table as well.

  • DashboardDude

    @LearningNinja can you share a screenshot of the entire Analyzer for the card please?

    John Le

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