Displaying DOMO Page Url in an iframe

Is it possible to render a page url within an iframe directly. For example, a DOMO page url: https://masschallenge.domo.com/page/212080366/


<iframe id="iframe" title="domo embed" src="https://yourcompany.domo.com/page/5675676/" />

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  • You can't embed just the dashboard that way as it'd load the entire page along with the navigation bar. If you want to embed just the page you can use a Private or Public embed option with Domo everywhere.

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  • Tommymsc
    Tommymsc Member
    edited January 30

    Thank you @GrantSmith , I'm trying to move away from DOMO embed entirely and thinking if it was possible to just render my DOMO page "without authentication" or "with SSO using SAML authentication" with the page url only, can you point me to the right resource to your recommendation.

    Note: I'm new to integrating DOMO so I don't mind a well detailed process. Thank you in advance !

  • The only way to load just the page and not all of the navigation top and sidebars is to use Embed. If you don't want users to log in when doing the embed, you can use a Public embed, but that would give anyone with the URL access to the page.


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  • Thank you @GrantSmith for the public embed. Also for the non-public pages, I don't mind rendering the navigation top and sidebars since I'm only allowing staff members to access these pages and they can login with their credentials. That's why I thought of SSO using SAML authentication if that works.

  • MattTheGuru
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    Run me through the current user experience. I seem to hear two things:

    1.) You want some pages to be public (which the url above will solve).

    2.) But you'd also like authenticated access by SSO, but not by embedding in a separate website?
    -I have done SSO authentication using Domo Embed, but it sounds like you'd like the users to log in on Domo's site with SSO?

    Here is where you can find SSO setups inside of Domo's "Authentication" tab.

  • Thank you @MattTheGuru ! That's what I wanted .