Upcoming January Feature Release-January 24th

BenSchein Domo Product Manager
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We are excited to have new features shipping to customers next week. One of my core goals for our team this year is to improve release transparency. Many of you noticed that we did send an in product announcement last week with a list of the upcoming new features. I have heard from some that they saw it but now want to go back and see the list. While we figure out if there is a more technical way to do this, I did want to share a PDF with the preview screens you would have seen in Domo. Excited to get these features out to all of our users soon!


  • DavidChurchman

    I was definitely someone that saw the pop-up and then wanted to refer back to it, but couldn't find it. Thank you for posting it here.

    What's the graph view for Magic ETL? Or is there more information about it somewhere?

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  • BenSchein
    BenSchein Domo Product Manager

    @DavidChurchman sorry I missed this. We will be sending an email today with more details and links to help files. The Magic graph view is pretty awesome. When you click on the history log for a magic run (successful or more helpful if error) then you can click through the steps and then see where in your magic job that step actually happens. I have spent a lot of time going back and forth trying to figure out where exactly my error was.

  • JasonAltenburg

    @BenSchein Thanks for this, I greatly appreciate the commitment to release transparency. VERY EXCITED for the Domo.AI Model Management enhancements, all of these announcements are awesome!