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We had a job  created for testing on workbench 4 and this need to be scheduled on the prod server which is running   workbench 3. Due to version change we were unable to import the job.


We tried to create brand new job on the server insteading of importing which actually another dataset on DOMO with the same name.


Please suggest us how to resolve the issue.





  • quinnj
    quinnj Domo Employee

    Hey @BSK,


    I'm guessing you're using different logins for the different Workbench servers? If you are able to use the same logins, the different Workbench instances should be able to see jobs created on the other. How it works is when a user creates a Workbench job, that job is actually saved to the Domo instance, tied to the user who created it. If the user then installs Workbench on another server, and logs in, they should be able to see all their available Workbench jobs they've ever created. 


    I would also note that the upgrade process from Workbench 3 => Workbench 4 is pretty painless. I just upgraded a client the other day and there was literally no breakage or problems. On the server where Workbench 3 was installed, I just downloaded Workbench 4, installed, and then was able to open Workbench right up and run jobs.

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @BSK, did quinnj's reply help resolve your issue? 

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