Add more than 2 bars to the Grouped&Stacked Bar Char

Hi Dojo,


So I am constructing a Grouped & Stacked Bar Chart card and I need to have 3 bars (as opposed to the default 2). Any advice on how to do this?

Is it not possible?


I have 3 values:

  1. All In
  2. Segment
  3. =(All In) - (Segment)

Ideally I'd have a Stacked bar for each of the 3 values.


Any help would be appreciated! 



  • Can you provide a sample data set of 10-rows?




  • Yah Sure,


    Here it is


  • You should be able to by dropping in another series.Domo Grouped and Stacked Bar Chart.png

  • Never mind my last post. Misread the OP.

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    Hi all,


    Can anybody hep @parththakkar with their question?


  • Smu
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    Hello @parththakkar


    This is the current behavior of the Grouped & Stacked Bar graph. Categories in Grouped and Stacked Bar graphs always consist of two bars shown side-by-side, as in a Grouped Bar graph. When categories contain more than two series, one of these two bars appears as a typical bar, but the other is divided into series segments, as in a Stacked Bar graph.


    I can go ahead and submit an enhancement request to our product development team for you, so they can consider adding this functionality to a future release. You can also suggest the idea in our Ideas Exchange located here.

  • Was this feature ever added?????

  • Any update on this?

  • Any updates on this? I'm also seeking for a way to add more than 2 bars to the Grouped and Stacked bar chart.

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