Import opens and clicks from ExactTarget connector?

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 I would like to join orderlines up against email performance (did email open have impact on purchase). I can join the sources with email address as common column field. 

However, the ExactTarget Connector in DOMO does not seem to have any reports on open/clicks, which is a out of the box report in ExactTarget that I can export manually as CSV etc, 

Any one had success with ExactTarget connector? 


  • I found a report section in ExactTarget where I can create reports. Maybe that section is connected to DOMO. I will update once I know.
  • It seem like DOMO's ExactTarget connector only allows the already defined reports and not the reports I define... Can someone from DOMO confirm this? 

  • The only useful built in ExactTarget report I've found is the Send Report with sends, deliveries, opens, clicks, etc. by email name and day. For all other data, I've had to create reports in SFMC, then schedule daily exports to a Box folder, and then import the CSV or XLSX from Box into Domo. It takes a little while to set up, but it works quite well in my experience.

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    @abd, did CantStopTheHopp's reply help answer your question?

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    How did you go about sheduling reports from SFMC to Box?

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    @zachlmoss, please feel free to open up a new thread for better exposure ? 

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    Is there any confirmation on this quite old thread?