Anna Yardley -- Community Manager at Domo


Hello everyone!
My name is Anna Yardley, I'm the Community Forums Manager here at Domo. I love meeting and connecting with customers in-person whenever possible, but also utilize the Community Forums to virtually communicate everyday.

For leisure: I'm located in Utah and enjoy doing anything outdoors — hiking, boating, skiing and sports. I love planning vacations and hosting family and friends. I love card games and baking treats.

I'm excited to connect with many of you here. Thanks for engaging on the Community Forums!


  • JasonAltenburg

    Hi Anna, one day we'll have to get a Domo Euchre game going!

  • acavarretta

    Good to meet you Anna… looking forward to what the community forum can do.

  • ArborRose

    Euchre….lol. Jason, I live in Dallas. People in the South don't know euchre let alone how to spell it.

    Let me know when you figure out how to use Domo to play an online euchre game. The data set and sorting is easy. The cards in the euchre deck : name of card, suit, color (for bower identification) and value. A field to calculate if the card matches the suit called up as trump. Perhaps use a variable to define trump.

    Using random, we can deal cards for each player: four players. So we could limit the view of data to four players configured in admin using PDP. Each player only gets to see their hand, the up card, and their position to the dealer. As each indicates whether to call up trump…you get to when your turn is there to respond. A "play" data set could track whether a turn has made a decision based on most recent row in the dataset. You could do this as old-school chess games were played through the postal mail. Except…a player would indicate online.

    Stealing the deal could be done in many ways. Perhaps giving the player a chance to guess a number from X to Y. If they guess correctly, they have a percentage change to steal the deal. With the opposing players having an opposing chance to catch them at it.

    Farmers hand…to be set by rule. Either allowed or not. If not and its dealt…game re-deals.

    The cards in the players hand could be given an order in the hand. A play indicated by clicking the card by image if that association is worked up. Or by simply stating the order in the hand. The harder part would be identifying whether the card is a valid play. Points and scoring is easy. Simple calculations fed to a table. But how do you get from action to data collection?

    @Anna…hello. Welcome to the Domo-euchre community portal. I will be watching to see Jason's challenge as a future community event or palooza.

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  • JasonAltenburg

    @ArborRose Euchre is definitely more of a midwest thing. I was thinking more along the lines of or at an in-person event, but a hack-a-thon to implement this as an app/DDX brick could be extra fun!