Lead Function in Rank and Window Returning Self Referencing Value

For some reason I am getting a self referencing value rather than a NULL. In this example, I was expecting the Next Row Column to be NULL for the last row. Instead, it seems to be self referencing the student enrollment # column. The first 5 rows in the example are correct. Is this the default behavior of this function/tile when an offset is not returned?


  • Additional Information: When I filter the data flow down to a single Student Index, the function works fine. When I remove the filter to include all rows, the function presents itself as shared above

  • Just to clarify, but is StudentIndex always populated and is it unique for each partition?

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  • @ST_-Superman-_ To answer your question yes and yes. I think I found the issue. I have a Rank function earlier in the data flow that uses End Date to rank the rows in the partition. In this example, there were two rows with the same End Date so it ranked them both Student Enrollment # 6.

  • @ST_-Superman-_ Also - thanks for responding!!!