Is it possible to create a hyper link to a specific filter view?


Unfortunately beastmode html filter is not sufficient for my business case - it does not allow me to add filters with no values on them.

My overall goal is to create a table with hyperlinks to specific pages in Domo, where some fields should be filtered based on the table values, while some other fields must be added as available filters, but no values should be selected.


  • Aditya_Jain

    Hi @Greg_K

    I think you can use Pfilters -

    Combined with some logic on beast mode or create an app / brick for the case.

    Let me know if this works


    'Happy to Help'
  • Greg_K

    Hi @Aditya_Jain,

    Unfortunately Pfilters can't be used in this specific business case, they don't allow adding "empty" filters to the report.

    Let me explain with simple example:

    1. The link should open a report page filtered on field "region" set for Europe. (Pfilters can do this)
    2. There should also be a filter for field "country", but with no selections. (Pfilters can't do this)

    Closes thing I've achieved using Pfilters was adding empty filter for country with use of "not in" operand, which would be super confusing for users. Also, adding new filters is disabled for the users, the link must do all the work. Having filters as cards on the page is also not an option, these filters do not have "select all" option like filters on the top of the page do.

    Thank you for looking into this.