reorganize stacks in bar chart


How do i insert a trend line?

Am i able to reorganize the stacks?


  • swyatt
    swyatt Contributor

    Is your trend line already a calculation? If so, I would suggest using a stacked bar + line chart and making the 1st value the trend formula. If you do not have a trend line readily available I would reach out ot DOMO Support.


    You can reorganize stacked depending on if your values are independent series. A group+stacked chart works well for this. If your values are not independent you may do a sort, but only if it makes sense in your instance.

  • nick_datasift

    You can also reorder stacked columns by using beast mode if the field isn't a series (i.e. text field):






    WHEN 'value 1' THEN 1

    WHEN 'value 2' THEN 2

    ELSE 3



    By doing this you can reorder any text picklist etc.. however you want them to render by sorting the beast mode field ascending or descending.

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @mrippey, did any of the above replies help answer your question?

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