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I am attempting to create a new amazon athena connection with an ATS. This connection has been created before, with 50 varying data pulls, however, the previous owner of the connections is no longer with us. Does anyone have knowledge as to how to properly create a new amazon athena connection, essentially mimicking the exact pull as the existing connection, without disrupting current data pulls?

Any guidance is more than welcome. Thanks.

Edit: This is basically my last resort :)



  • keeeirs10

    Hi @amehdad,

    Thanks for your response! It seems for your link, I would need access to the old ownership credentials. Because the analyst is no longer with us, there is no way for me to do that.

  • keeeirs10

    I've reached out to Domo several times, and they are not able to assist because of the nature of the connector (Amazon Athena). They say to reach out to Amazon for assistance, but we have no business connections to Amazon on this particular team. Any other ideas? I appreciate the brainstorming!

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @keeeirs10 ... domo support are correct but also not correct ;)

    in Domo, to see the configuration of a dataset in Domo, the account that was used to configure the connector must have been shared with you. because it wasn't ... you're unable to see the configuration of the connector.

    Domo are working on expanding functionality to make it easier to reassign connectors, but isn't a feature in product yet.

    Regarding Amazon Athena, theoretically yes, it is possible to see the connections to a SQL database and see what query that connection is executing. I would start here:

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