Collapse all Subtotal Rows on mega table?

I don't see a way to collapse all subtotal rows, and it's frustrating. Without it, it's death by 5,000 clicks.


  • @Jessemauser There should be a +/- sign to the right of the row. There is one to the left that does single rows and one to the right that does all rows.

  • Oh my god. It's like an easter egg. Thank you!! it only shows up if you hover over the right side of the column, weird they wouldn't put that next to the sort options in the header.

  • Jessemauser
    edited March 2022

    I see it work on some table reports, but on the report I have, even after resetting all the chart properties, only the single row collapse is available. Could there be a row limit for the hidden button on the right that collapses all rows?

    <Edit> It has something to do with adding additional columns and exceeding some unknown row limit. I was able to get around it by collapsing all the rows first, and adding detailed columns after. I think I'm just pushing the row limit on the mega table, as it is also having trouble scrolling.

    Thanks again for the help, it saved me a few thousand clicks.