Column Width in Domo Dashboard


I have a card/dashboard that has quite a few columns in it. I want to be able to display the full values of some of the columns and limit the spacing of others. Is there a feature in DOMO that allows me to do that?


  • GrantSmith

    Domo currently doesn’t support the ability to conditionally set the size of the columns and just assumes the best fit sadly.

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  • user063136

    @amehdad My card is a pivot table so it's not about the bar size. I am looking to just drag the columns smaller or wider so that some of the fields can be read.

  • Ashleigh

    @user063136 There is a feature for regular tables where you can adjust column widths, however this same feature does not exist for Pivot tables so I would suggest seeing if you can change the table type. Alternatively there is also a setting for "Allow text to wrap", you can select that to ensure no values get cut off. If the card is on a dashboard you can try adjusting its size to make it larger in order to see more column values.

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