What are Domo’s export capabilities?

Does DOMO have APIs to pull content or a data export feature into for example XML, CSV?


  • Hi @PayLock


    There is a feature available that allows you to export a dataset to Excel or CSV through the datacenter. Here is a screenshot:





    You can also email or print a card as well as export it to Excel, CSV, or Powerpoint. Just click on the wrench icon of that card and it wil prompt you for a format.



    Please let me know if you have any additional questions about exporting data from Domo.


    Thank you,


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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @PayLock, did creed's reply help answer your question? 

  • Is there a way to schedule DOMO dataset daily exports? I currently have a powershell script that does daily dataset exports. But, it doesn't work for the cards. 

    Can you help on this?

  • We are also currently looking for the same capability. 

  • Please have a look in our Knowledge Base (Help Center orange button in upper right corner).


    Here is a good article:




    and search results using Data Export:





  • THank you Dani, 


    However, I don't find any solution for exporting in an automated schedule. 

    We know we can export manually just about everywhere. But we are looking for an automated process. 




  • @DaniBoy


    I am currently looking for the same functionality as discussed on this thread. 


    I would like to set up a daily scheduled export of a domo dataset in a csv/xls format. 


    Is this possible? I searched through the documentation links you provided and didn't see any discussion of this topic. 



  • Please have a look at this idea, vote it up and add your comments to what you would like in this feature.



  • DataMaven
    DataMaven Contributor

    Are you wanting daily exports because you need to maintain a history of daily snapshots, or because you want a current version of the data available? 


    For my daily reports, I use the Excel Plug-In.  Each morning, I open the file and it asks me if I'd like to refresh the file.  I use the entire page as the area for any pivot tables, etc, and simply have to refresh those, as well. 


    If you are needing the history, one kind of annoying workaround would be to open the file and copy/paste contents to a new file and save it with the date.  However, there may be a Macro you could write that would refresh the data and save it to a new tab with the day's date as the tab name.  Not sure, though, and the file may have to be openned still. 

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  • Any chance you can share a portion of your powershell script? I'm having an issue just getting a token using powershell and the domo api. It looks to be SSL related: 

    Invoke-WebRequest : The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.
  • @user00109 can you assist here on the powershell question?


  • @creed I found that exporting from Dataset is exporting all the data and ignoring the filters. I have large data with 30 millions rows. How do I break and download in easy way?

  • @user09481 create a filtered dataset view and export the datasetview instead of the dataset.

    alternativly use the java cli, https://knowledge.domo.com/Administer/Other_Administrative_Tools/Command_Line_Interface_(CLI)_Tool#section_34 or the PyDomo SDK to construct filtered queries against the dataset.

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