Grouping multiple values into a category



I think this should be relatively easy but I cant seem to work out how its done.


I am trying to group a number of 'values' so that I can see them on a pie chart.


eg. Imagine the following table

column header 1     column header 2    column header 3

            5                               6                            7

            6                               4                           13

            3                               7                            4 


I want a pie chart that shows column header 1 - 25%, column header 2 - 31% and column header 3  - 44% but because a pie won't allow multiple values I am struggling to make this happen.


Any help is appreciated


  • tbrock
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    @andrewh Good question. I was trying to work through this for you and I came up with a quick solution which may not satisfy you but it might work for you. 


    If you use the "100% Stacked Bar" chart inside the Domo card builder then select your multiple value columns (which you have) as your y-axis and different series then it works, however, you do need an x-axis... If you have a date column that works, or if you could throw in some string text into every row of your table into another column then you could build the card out using that as your x-axis. As far as my knowledge goes, you cannot add multiple value columns to a pie chart. Let me know if you have questions. 


    See my example below:Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.20.47 AM.png



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  • zcameron
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    This is a good example of where data could need to be transposed or pivoted before you can get all the use out of it you'd like. That means taking your data like this:


    column header 1     column header 2    column header 3

                5                               6                            7

                6                               4                           13

                3                               7                            4 


    And pivoting it to look like this:


    Value                   Series
    5                           column header 1
    6                           column header 1
    3                           column header 1
    6                           column header 2
    4                           column header 2
    7                           column header 2
    7                           column header 3
    13                         column header 3
    4                           column header 3


    This is often done using a Dataflow with a transform that looks something like this:


    SELECT `column header 1` AS `Value`, 'column header 1' AS `Series`


    SELECT `column header 2` AS `Value`, 'column header 2' AS `Series`


    SELECT `column header 3` AS `Value`, 'column header 3' AS `Series`


    (Note that for the Value we are using the record's value from the "column header X" field and for the Series we are using text that describes the category for the value.)


    After the data has been pivoted, the pie chart would build out very easily. It's just hard to use summary or tabular data to build out many types of cards.

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