Magic ETL doing regex_like: making a text column numeric and all non numeric values set to -1

Hi all,

I am looking to transform data in Domo which is a mix of numbers and alphabet characters and am trying to create a new column using an operation similar to Oracle's regex_like function and a case statement. I can do this in SQL, but would like to know if Magic ETL can do something similar.


With the example below, based on the String data type Cust_ID_TXT, I would like the create the number column Converted_Cust_ID_NUM



Cust_ID_TXT | Converted_Cust_ID_NUM

123         | 123

A123        | -1

123CD       | -1

1ABC2       | -1


Would anyone be able to provide a solution?


  • @user10780  you can do regex in ETL by using the Replace Text option. Here is an example of one I did. Just make sure the second box has the checkbox Use RegEx checked. 

  • hi ashleigh, your solution was rather vague, but I worked it out:


  • @user10780 sorry about that, I did not mean my picture was a solution but rather I was just mentioning you could use RegEx to solve your problem and that was an example of another thing I did. Glad it worked out!