Can we make two colors in a single line chart


I'm creating a card using a multi-line chart and one of the requirement is I need to change the color for all the previous months indicating that these month were already actual.

For example: Oct, Nov and Dec must be put green colors then Jan onwards will stay orange color.



  • Valiant

    The way you would need to do that is to break the lines up in the previous and future values. So based on your example, instead of using 1 measure and a category to split the line into the blue and orange lines. You would instead create 4 beast modes, 2 for your previous (actuals) and 2 for the future values.


    Example beastmode:

    /* Previous */
    CASE WHEN `Date` < CURRENT_DATE() AND `Category` = 1
    THEN `Value`

    /* Future */
    CASE WHEN `Date` >= CURRENT_DATE() AND `Category` = 1
    THEN `Value`

    As long as you don't add a category at the end of your columns when building the line chart, you can add as many measures as you want.


    Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions,



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  • RAD_1025

    @Valiant  It's seem work but there is a new problem arise the line got disconnected since I split the actuals and the forecast. Any idea?image.png




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