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Some of you have mentioned having thousands of users in your instance. Our instance is growing, and with that have come some growing pains in terms of managing training and adoption. Would love any tips/suggetions you may have.




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  • swagner
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    One of the things I have done to engage users in our instance is by using videos as I answer user questions.  When I receive a question from a user I make a video response that demonstrates how to answer their question in Domo.  I have a page in our instance that contains all of those user questions (which is searchable) and I link the card that contains the video to the card in our instance I use to answer the question.  

  • That's awesome. What tool do you use to record the video? Is it a screen record with voiceover?

  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    Camtasia - let me know if you would like to see examples.

  • Regarding training, we've made certain DomoBasics training pages (see appstore) available to all users.  For example, most of our users, naturally, are just data consumers, so we've added the Default user group, which contains everyone, to that Data Consumer Training app page.  Contrast that with our Super User group, which contains editors and above, which as been given access to the Card Building and Data Manipulation pages.

    These surface some of the basic information that everyone in their respective roles will need, so they don't have to ask as many simple questions admins shouldn't be answering.


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  • swagner
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    Had a simple question this morning.  I recorded the short video and sent back to the user.  Once you get the hang of Camtasia you can turn these kinds of videos around FAST!


    Attached is a screen shot of the page in my Domo instance where I have all of those business questions users have asked, and the video link.  Rule of thumb... 5 minutes or less!  


    This has been a huge success for us in our instance, especially since (as a team of 1) I am also our Domo Help Desk... ?


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