Reference to the row number in a beastmode

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We are loading data from Domo exports into another system. We created a card that looks like our import file and simply export to Excel. The first set is 500,000 rows but must be uploaded in chunks of 20,000 rows each. 


I wanted to create a column that gave me a number incremented in chunks of 20,000. This was simple in excel  =IF(MOD(ROW(),20000)=0,1,0)+A1. a1 contains 0 so the first batch of records are "0", then "1" etc... Is there a way to reference the row number in a beast mode? I am sure there are other uses for accessing the row number in a beastmode....


  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hey @WHM,


    MySQL doesn't have a native row_number() function (I know that isn't what you're asking for) and to my knowledge it doesn't store row numbers in the metadata at all. (Could be wrong about this one). 


    So the short answer is no, row numbers cannot be referenced at the beast mode level natively. 


    I think the easiest solution here is probably going to be using a Dataflow to create a row number column using either a MySQL variable or a redshift Row_Number() windowed function, then using the output as your cardbuilding source.


    Hope this is helpful.



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