How to change which day of the week is the beginning?


When you create a card that graphs data by week, the week always goes Sun-Sat. My company does a lot of reporting with the week going Mon-Sun. Is there a way to change this in DOMO?

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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @New_to_DOMO, tagging you to check out brandonmoss's reply.

  • Kurbz
    Kurbz Member

    Hi folks,

    it would be nice to get settings like this into the admin section.





  • Antonio

    Wow, thanks btm! That piece of knowledge is super useful and also tricky to find out! You saved my day!

  • DMJerry

    Hello, @DaniBoy do know if there is a simplier way to do this aside from asking DOMO calendar team to adjust the instances calendar?


    I can change the day of week from Sun 1 to Monday 1 but when I try to re-org the "week of the year" using that logic I am a bit lost.  I know I can eventually figure it out but figured I'd ask.


    Appreciate any help.

  • user08728

    Hi, I am new to domo. Could you please tell me how to reach to domo Customer Support Team?

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