Can i setup DOMO Workbench in other disk( not C disk)



Since my c disk space is very small. How can i  setup domo Workbench in other disk?




  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

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    Thanks for reaching out, 

    I am from Domo Support. We do not currently allow for the installation of Workbench on any location but the C drive. It is something the engineering team has looked into but at this time the C drive is the only place that Workbench can be installed. You can submit this as a suggestion to the development team on the Dojo at

    Gordon Pont 
    Domo Support

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    Thanks for your reply.

    That link cannot be found. Could you help to check? Hope Development team can change this part. Since when we upload large size data to DOMO, it spends serval GB.  Our c disk is too small. Data cannot be uploaded successfully.




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    Apologies! The period got added to the hyper link.  Try this


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    This link is still not working:(.



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    @user06973, it seems like linking to the Ideas Exchnage is not working. If you go to the home page, you will find the "Ideas Exchange:"



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  • I would recommend for anyone having problems with space on C to use symlink. On your secondary drive say D, recreate the structure of directories for the workbench "D:\Program Files\Domo\Workbench". Copy the contents of the "C:\Program Files\Domo\Workbench" into it. Deleted the DOMO directory from "C:\Program Files\". Then create the symlink using an admin command prompt making sure you are already in the "C:\Program Files" directory at the prompt type ' mklink /D Domo "D:\Program Files\Domo" ' (omit the ' and spaces). This will recreate the Domo directory under "C:\Program Files" but it is now virtual. The system thinks it's there, the program even thinks it's there, but 0 space taken.


    Hope this helps.

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