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We have setup our Domo metrics connector and data sets, and we have a 'Most Active Users' metric.  That metric however is only measuring login by a user.  Not how many times they've opened a card, made edits, etc.  


Has anyone pieced together the data sets to get more accurate "activity" metrics from a user perspective?





  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @Jessemauser out?


  • Jessemauser

    I can be more specific.   Domo recently added the 'User Logs' view in the Admin Settings.  The event information, is ultimately the data you would filter to track specific types of activity by users.  Getting access to the underlying dataset for that page, would be sufficient.

  • Hi all, Can anybody help @Jessemauser out? Thanks

  • Jessemauser

    Support is I beieve working on it, so I'll update everyone once we get it hooked up.

  • @Jessemauser, was Support able to resolve your issue?

  • Jessemauser
    Oct 4, 2016 4:43 PM

    @Jesse Mauser
    I have submitted this request with our development team. For your reference here is that enhancement number DOMO-92494.
    Thank You

  • user09283

    I'm seeing something stand out when evaluating the User activity in DOMO. I noticed I have a user who has not logged in SSO for several months but shows up as viewing cards as of two weeks ago. I do not see a Logged out action from him either.
    How long does DOMO allow a user to be logged in without logging out or back into the system when using SSO? Or does the View card action identify if an email was sent to him and he read the email, so the user may not have had to login to DOMO in the first place? 


    Has anyone else seen this difference in logged in/out and card views? I'm seeing if there something else in the activity log is pulling the View status. 

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