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is there anyway to create a duplicate of my cards as backup automatically?




  • kshah008
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    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @razmik with their question?


  • Hi @razmik - 


    You have a couple of options depending on whether you're trying to create a copy or a duplicate. You can duplicate a card to create a new instance of that card that can be manipulated separately from the original card. This is different from the copy functionality because cards that are copied are still linked—if you make a change to a copy, the original and any other copies receive the same changes. When you duplicate a card, you are essentially doing a "Save As" on that card. You can change the name and underlying data of the duplicate, and the original stays the same. When you duplicate a card, you are assigned as the owner of the new instance of the card.


    Take a look at the help center documentation:


    Managing Cards & Pages:


    Duplicating Cards:


    Moving and Copying:


    Hope this helps!

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    @razmik, did PEAKS_valleys' reply help you out?

  • I was more looking for an automated process to create like a daily backup of our cards.

    also, when you create a duplicate card, is there any way to transfer alerts from original card?

  • Hey @razmik - 


    When you duplicate a card the alerts assocaited with that card don't transfer. But, if you copy the card to a different page the alert will transfer as part of the copy. Keep in mind that when you copy any changes made to a copy of a card are also made to all other copies.


    Could you provide a little more detail around what you're trying to solve for with the daily backup of your cards? When you duplicate a card it will automatically update when the datasource powering the card is updated.