remove field from dataset


i created a dataset with a SF connector.  I used SOQL to select Fields. I included the field "Id__c" then found out it was not needed.  I modified the SOQL and ran the query again to update and replace all data in the dataset (i didn't append), but the Id__c field is still in the dataset.


is there a way to completely remove a field from a dataset?


  • sschaff

    We are working a similar problem. Jason Hodges (Domo) said this could be done but we lost him for a few days before we could find out. I will update you or suggest you ping him.


    SF? Do you have a SuccessFactors connector? I didn't know there was one. We are simply downloading our data then manually uploading to the data center but a connector would help tremendously!

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @kwinder, did sschaff's reply help you out? Also, if you could answer the follow-up questions, it would help ?