Exposing Domo Content to an External Customer - Please Share If You Have Done This

ckatzman Contributor

This is an open-ended inquiry.  We currently use Domo purely for internal analysis and reporting.  I'm curious if anyone has developed functionality to share results with customers, and if so, what DOMO functionality you utilized (eg, Publications, Publication Groups, etc.), what you have found success with and any pitfalls to be wary of, really anything you can share about your experience.


At the moment I'm more curious than anything.




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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,

    Can anybody share their experiences with @ckatzman?



  • CantStopTheHopp

    At the agency I work for, we primarily use Domo for reporting to clients rather than internal analysis though that is changing. Generally we create a page for the client, give them a login, and share only that page with them. There are some exceptions, however.


    For simple reports on an individual campaign, we either export the cards and dump them in a branded powerpoint deck or export select cards as a slideshow and share the URL with the client.


    The more complex use case is some of our retail clients who have franchisees who manage distinct markets. In those cases we have built a master page with the data for all markets, and then create separate logins for each market that we use to create publication groups around. So for example with website traffic data from Google Analytics, we are pulling in the "metro" dimension and create a filter for that frachisee's publication group so that they only see web traffic coming from their DMA. The end result is that the franchisees all see the same page and cards, but the data is filtered to only show what is occuring in their market.


  • user0010188

    Are there plans to create a read-only mode or ability to share to non-licensed individuals?  There are far too many people in our organization who should be consuming cards/dashboards, but would never do anything more than check in weekly/monthly, etc.

  • BToTheWheat



    My department is trying to share a Domo Page that was built to be filtered by Partner. We want to be able to share the page with 5 different Partners and each partner only be able to see their own company's data. 


    I have made the publication group and believe I can create it correctly so that the reps from Company A can see Company A's Data, reps from Company B can only see Company B's data, and so on but now I am running into the issue of actually sharing the page with them. 


    You mention "creating logins" are you giving them a specific type of license or how are you allowing them to see/interact with the page you created? 

  • Ritwik
    Ritwik Contributor

    You may want to look for documentation on Domo Everywhere (which has a subset of features) and ask for a demo. My organization is looking into a similar feature that will allow us to have investor-facing dashboards. 

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