Running Total Line Chart using Beastmode Calculation

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I am trying to use a line chart to display the running total of a beast mode calculation but I have not been able to find the correct solution. The beast mode calculation is a simple ratio, SUM(Column A)/SUM(Column B).  The issue I am having is that the beast mode calculates separately for each period depending on the date grain used for the chart and then aggregates the calculated ratios for each period for the running total which is not what I need.  I need the ratio to be calculated each month based on the YTD data rather than each month independently.  Is this possible? 





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    Can anybody help @tmullins with their question?


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    Hello @tmullins

    A beastmode sees data as a row by row comparison. When you aggregate the column by using SUM() it tries to aggregate the data down to one row. Then the card is trying to group by the date you are trying to show on your card. This combination is confusing the card. 

    I will send you an email in a moment so we can connect on this and ensure we are able to find the best solution to resolve this. 

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    Thanks for chiming in ? I just wanted to point out that @tmullins posed the question, not me ? 

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