How can I find history of a card?

How can I find history of a card? If some users changes the cards, can we know the changes by looking at the history. If so, how can I see history of a card ?





  • Click on card options (Wrench at the top right corner of the card) and click on History

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @snchilagani, did magicdusts' reply help answer your question? 

  • josh-m
    josh-m Member

    Hi all, I don't feel like this question was answered. I am trying to roll back changes that were made to the card. It doesn't help me that I can see the history if I can't do anything with the history. All I can do now is see how the last version of the card is the better version. I don't know how to bring it back, or even retrieve the better beast mode calculation that I deleted.


    I inadvertently had two windows open for the same card, and hit save on the card in both windows, killing my improved version. How can I have an actual history feature?

  • kshah008
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    @josh-m, please feel free to open a new thread for better exposure to your question ? 

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