does anyone have a system in place to addresses multiple file uploads and capture through domo

I have requirements to setup an FTP daily, it will take an intial file dump and every 5 minutes following files will be uploaded with changes. Keep in mind Box is our current connector with Domo and our FTP host. For those of you who know, there is a delay between files upload to Box and when Domo can recognize files that have been uploaded to Box. We are currently all cloud base and do not have a dedicated local machine to implement workbench. does anyone have any ideas?


  • ckatzman
    ckatzman Contributor

    Our solution was to install workbench on a virtual machine/server remote desktop.  Was more about role permissions on local machines and needing to be able to have access to windows task scheduler than anything else.

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  • quinnj
    quinnj Domo Employee

    If the files are being dumped in an FTP folder, you could leverage some of our beta connectors that can connect to FTP. I believe the CSV-SFTP connector is currently available for the public; we also have an Excel-SFTP and another CSV-SFTP that has more advanced configuration settings. Feel free to reach out to your implementation consultant or Domo Support for help in setting up the non-public-facing connectors if the public CSV-SFTP doesn't work for you.

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @CoreVest, did any of the above replies help you out? 

  • I have also discussed with out consultants on this matter, they have informed me that using workbench does not allow me to pull data from our Box account rather i can only pull data from a local source. Thank you for your answer

  • Thank you i will reach out to see if these will be viable solutions