Using Sumo Cards with Publication Groups


I have a dataset currently running a few cards on a page, and i have multiple publication groups filtered off of this page for various users. I created a sumo card and added it to the "master" page and it shows up in the individual publication group pages, but the sumo card still shows all data, not data filtered by the publication groups. 


Is there a way to add these cards to a page and have pub groups filter the data?




  • ckatzman
    ckatzman Contributor

    @Shevy, do I recall you saying that Sumo Cards do not work with Publication Groups, and if i do recall that correctly, was that self-discovery or an answer provided by DomoSupport?

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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,


    Does anybody have any further insight for @mbrady?


  • DeeDub
    DeeDub Domo Employee

    Currently, Sumo cards are not supported in Publication Groups.  We do have an enhancement request in to development for this.  The request number is DOMO-29135.  With this being an enhancement request, there is no ETA for the feature to be added.

    Dan W.

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