Creating alerts for other users as an admin

Is there a way to add other people to an alert that you create or do they have to follow the alert themselves?  I'm looking to set up some alerts for my CMO and CEO, do I have to login to their account to do this or is there a way to just add them as followers to an alert i create?


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    Can anybody help @PM with their question?


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    Currently a user will have to follow the alert themselves if they want to see it, but this is a great suggestion, and I think would be a useful addition. I will notify our development team so they can take a look at the possibilities of getting something like this added in the future. Thank you for the feedback!

  • @PM you can also suggest this as an idea in our Ideas Exchange here.



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    Here is a Jira ticket request: ("CUST: Ability to set alerts for other users").


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    This is a feature we are sorely wanting as well. DOMO is in competition with Tableau and old PDF reports created in SAP Analysis here at Manheim Australia. It's proving difficult to get our executive team to adopt DOMO. One of the reasons is the Execs get the information they need quicker through traditional channels (pdf in an email at 6am every monday with the previous week's sales volumes against budget).. Please expedite this enhancement and inform me when available. When available I will ensure alerts go out at 5am every Monday morning and hopefully take-up increases.

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    This thread may be of interest to you especially as it relates to Buzz.




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  • Would also love to leverage this functionality when available.

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