How to best get Geonames Data into DOMO


We want to do a lot of mapping.  We do not have Latitude and Longitude for the addresses.  However if we use Geonames data we should be able to getLatitude and Longitude based on Country, City and possibly state/province.


Right now getting all the data from geonames is painful.  Its tab delimited data and many do not have the header row so lots on data manipulating then uploading it to domo.


Whats the easiest way to connect to all the data via the webserivce they provide?  And then join it all together for easy use.  Also it would be nice to set it up and share it for everyone who wants it so we dont all have to duplicate the work.




  • jaredpk
    jaredpk Domo Employee

    I noticed that for many of the options there are XML and JSON sources as well.  We have connectors that can connect to XML and JSON pulls.  This will take a little more in depth review, so we will reach out offline to review in more detail.

    I work for Domo.
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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @jaredpk, please let us if/when you reach a solution!