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is there a way to get an alert email if a value is reached/surpassed , for example - in the following dataset , we need an alert email saying that a particular row has a severity=100 (it indicates to us that something is wrong and we need to look into it)


12/15/15 10:30HPC Performance Data Age = 107 mins.0
12/15/15 10:30Raw Pixel Traffic Volume = 55.25/min.0
12/15/15 10:30Raw Pixel Data Age = 5.13 min.0
12/15/15 10:30Incoming Traffic Data Age = 34.52 min.100
12/15/15 10:30Transaction Data Age = 31.38 min.0
12/15/15 10:30AOE Recommendations Data Age = 18 hrs. For1 advertiser(s)0

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  • nalbright
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    So you're saying you want the hitting of a given threshold to send you an alert messasge that your data is indicating that something requires immediate attention?  Are there any threshold levels between a severity of 0 and 100?

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  • In a table graph, alerts can only be put on a summary number.  Alerts can be put on different chart types (ie. bar charts).  


  • nalbright
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    The takeaway I get from this for the person who asked the question is that first they should set up some sort of bar graph or related card for the various key statistics, and then set alerts on those cards when they reach certain thresholds, or alternatively they could make a bar chart showing the "severity" from the table and set an alert if anything hits 100, right?

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  • That is correct. Other charts such as the bar chart allow for alerts to be created off of line items as well as summary numbers. A best practice here would be to set up a bar chart showing severity, and create an alert that will trigger if any of the item thresholds hit 100. Then you could link that bar chart with the alert to the table card.

  • yes you are correct. We are concerened only if the threshold reaches 100. 

  • Excellent. Does the solution provided above answer your question, and/or do you have any other question on this topic?

  • Just one quick question. Can the alerts from the bar graph be sent to multiple people ? Thanks!

  • DavisBreedlove
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    Multiple people can indeed get the alerts from the bar graph. The way they can recieve them is for each person to individually subscribe to the alert on the graph.

    Here is a link detailing this:

  • Thank you David. Appreciate the help ?

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