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Hi everyone,

I am facing a bit of a issue. We have set up a customer instance for one of our customers which we embed into their CRM. We have enabled the export functionality so end users can export as pdf but also send and schedule reports as email. And this is where the issue is. The customer is sharing that instance with some of their customers. Now, they don't want them see each others users when sending or scheduling emails. They also don't want any one of them to send a report to a different customer (by accident).

The way I see it there are multiple options and none of can be done right now:

  1. Disable the option to send/schedule reports as email but keep the export as pdf/powerpoint/csv.. (we can disable scheduling reports but somehow the option to schedule is still available just that no email is sent and the send now option is still available as well).
  2. Have an option to say that users can only send emails to themselves (maybe by filtering out everyone else from the selection list)
  3. maybe use private embedding of an App instead of the instance and have an export functionality similar to private embedding of dashboards which only allows for export as pdf and powerpoint (I think it was). However,
    1. private embedding of apps currently removes the ability to export anything
    2. there is a risk that a future update would add sending email automatically since the role setting unfortunately covers both export as file and send as email.

Option 2) would be best since it's the only one that would not remove the email option.

I hope this all makes sense to you. It would be awesome if anybody could help.



  • GrantSmith

    The cleanest option would be to set up child instances for each client to have complete separation between the users lists and data.

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  • ternst
    ternst Member
    edited June 28

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this is not an option since those customers fluctuate quite a bit.