How to display bar totals correctly

PJG Member

Sorry for the ambiguous title, but I'm not sure what words to use to explain this in a summarized way.

I have a dataset that captures financials for projects. Each project can have up to 9 financial categories, and financials are captured per month. Therefore, the dataset includes a row for every single category/month combination. Even a 3 month project can have up to 36 rows for financials if it utilized all 9 categories. The exact costs in the dataset are in a column for PlannedCost or ForecastCost

I have a card for a bar chart where I'm showing whether a project is under or over budget. This compares the PlannedCost to the ForecastCost via BeastMode. In total, there are 106 projects that meet my criteria at time of writing, so this is what the two bars should add up to, but the combined total of the Under Budget & Over Budget bar columns is 6406. This is because it's counting every single row from the dataset.

How can I get this chart to be based on the unique project count, i.e. on the total for all months/categories, rather than it counting every individual row?