Help! How to design summary number for this case?


Here is my map card. in summary number area, I show the top 5 provinces parcel %.

Synchronizing with the map, below is the filters.

when there is none of the filters selected, the summary number on the map is correct.

when there is any of the filters selected, the summary number on the map is incorrect.

below is my design for summary number on beast mode.

Top5省份包裹数 means top5 provinces parcel quantity

快递单号 means parcel / express ID

By SQL data transformation, I added some fields as column for each line of raw data. the fields are 'By Province包裹数‘ , ‘Rank’, 'Top5省份包裹数'.

By Province包裹数 means the total parcel quantity for each province

Top5省份包裹数 means the total parcel quantity for top 5 provinces. when the province of the line of data ranks in total parcel quantity within 5, there is total parcel quantity filled up with the line of data, if not, 0 is filled up with.

So, here is my current design.

my question is, when there is filters selected for the map chart, how can I design to show the right summary number? for examples, to select by store or by time period is the very common business scenarios.

could you please help and give some ideas? thank you very much!


  • Jonathan53891
    Jonathan53891 Contributor

    Are you trying to create a dynamic Beast Mode calculation that adjusts based on the filters applied to your dashboard, ensuring the summary number reflects the top 5 provinces' parcel quantities under those conditions? Or are you looking for a static calculation that consistently shows the top 5 provinces' parcel quantities, regardless of any filters applied? There could be a few different solutions depending on whether you need the summary number to update dynamically with filtering or remain constant.