BenSchein Domo Product Manager

As an active Community member perk, we will be providing insider sneak peeks for the features we will be releasing on Wednesday May 22nd 🥳 

Previously, Data Administrators had to create and manage multiple versions of the same datasets to accommodate different audiences to protect sensitive data. In some cases, even just one sensitive column in a table will be enough to force and admin to create a separate version of that table. 

Our new Column Masking feature will be live in Beta this month! This allows Data Administrators to scale significantly by reducing the number of dataset copies that are needed to create. Instead, you can reuse a single dataset for many different audiences – all without compromising on data integrity or security (of course). 

Users can selectively hide values within a dataset from being visible to audiences by creating a policy for how data should be masked, then assign that policy to any number of columns. Masking policies can be used to redact values entirely, to hash out, or even mask all but the first or last characters.  

@JoshMillheim is my Product Manager over this feature and can chime in with additional details and answer any questions.

Please note these features are subject to change and could lead to a delay in its deployment for an unknown amount of time. 


  • Ashleigh

    LOVE THIS!! @JoshMillheim I know I will have so much feedback so I apologize in advance!

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