PRODUCT RELEASE SNEAK: Alert sending Schedule Reports

BenSchein Domo Product Manager
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As an active Community member perk, we will be providing insider sneak peeks for the features we will be releasing on Wednesday May 22nd 🥳 

Both Alerts and Scheduled Reports are one of Domo’s popular features because of the automatic and valuable insights. So... imagine if we combined the power of these two features! This month’s release will introduce just that. 

Scheduled Reports are just as they sound — a report sent out on a schedule, often on a weekly or daily basis. However, this frequency doesn’t always fit every need, with some users preferring to be notified only when certain changes have been made. We’ve combined the power of Alerts and Scheduled Reports to allow a report to be sent when an alert parameter is triggered, regardless of the predefined schedule. Send reports when they are needed most.  

@Gavatar is my Product Manager over this feature and can chime in and answer questions.

Please note these features are subject to change and could lead to a delay in its deployment for an unknown amount of time. 


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    Gavatar Domo Product Manager

    This combination can be super powerful. It automates the monitoring and alerting that keeps you prepared before coming into a meeting where the scheduled report is reviewed. You are always aware of issues before the review takes place.