Custom Filters - YoY, MoM, Last Year


Hello Folks,

I understand we can do comparison in terms of YoY, MoM, Last year etc on a graph chart. But can I have those calc as Filters on the dashboard?

Please guide me, Also can we add any other customer filters specific to scenario?


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  • GrantSmith

    If you want to filter on the actual numbers that it needs to be part ofyour dataset. An alternative method for doing period over period is to restructure your data calculate the period over period in a beast mode save it to the dataset and then filter that value. I’ve done a write up how to do this here:

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  • LearningNinja

    @GrantSmith - Thanks for the detailed guide. I believe this solution would require the ETL to run every day to ensure Last week, Last 3 weeks etc etc to be adjusted with my Data to real-time.

    Having around 10+ million rows of data, I think, this is would make an impact on the performance. Do you think I can write some formula to derive the filters in custom way in Beast mode?

  • JasonAltenburg
    Answer ✓

    Hi @LearningNinja Maybe Variables is the feature you are looking for? The use cases in the YouTube video are available on the Community Domo instance if you wanted to look at the "guts" of the variables / calculations. Jump to 17:25 if the link doesn't take you there, and see if this is what you're envisioning.