CARDS/DASHBOARDS Q&A from Domopalooza


The product team enjoyed answering questions from the audience during the final session at Domopalooza. Below you will find the answers to all questions related to Cards and Dashboards (including those that weren't mentioned on stage).

Q: Can we have card templates? I want to lock fonts, number formats, hover settings, tool tips, quick filters....
A: Yes, With the sneak of App Widgets, there will be app templates. We are also looking at adding card templates to Analyzer

Q: Will there ever be an undo if you mistakenly delete a card?
A: The new Card and Page archiving workflow templates will allow you to archive this content and soon restoration workflows will also be available to allow for easy restoration

Q: Have you looked at implementing tables into variables? For example I would like to use the currency exchange connection into a variable so that I can do currency conversions on my USD$ sales numbers.
A: Column Colllectons - In the future we'll be working on the ability have cards become more dynamic. Column collections and the ability to switch out cards based on what users select

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