Sharing custom themes in App Studio


Hey all! I want to share a custom theme I've built with our company's branding for all to use in App Studio, but I don't see the option to do that. Am I missing something or is this feature not available?


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  • JasonAltenburg
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    I'm also seeing this… I see that I can save a Custom Theme from within an AppStudio app, but I'm not seeing my Custom Theme in my options when I create or edit another app.

    I don't see anything regarding sharing these Custom Themes with other users in the KB, and have not heard any announcement or talk about this.

    Thanks for posting, made me think about another Idea I had, let me know what you think of this:

  • Atieh
    Atieh Member

    Looks like there is no way to use the customized theme in a new app either

  • fnukhushboo
    fnukhushboo Domo Product Manager

    Custom themes are currently saved to an individual app.

    To create custom theme, a user needs to select save as theme then it will store it to custom themes panel. We are working to add the capability to copy a theme from one app to another in the upcoming months that would let you use custom themes across different apps.

    Current workaround is to duplicate the app and save that theme and use that new app!