CLOUD AMPLIFIER Q&A from Domopalooza

AnnaYardley Domo Employee
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The product team enjoyed answering questions from the audience during the final session at Domopalooza. Below you will find the answers to all questions related to Cloud Amplifier (including those that weren't mentioned on stage).

Q: If we use Cloud Amplifier with will consume credits from my snowflake account. Will this cause some sort of double bill with my DOMO cloud usage?
A: We've optimized Cloud Amplifier with Snowflake so there is NOT double billing.

Q: When should I use Cloud Amplifier vs. Domo Connectors for making my data available?
A: Cloud Amplifier should be used when you want to keep your data in the source cloud, Connectors are best when you want to bring the data into Domo.

Q: With the focus on Cloud amplifiers, is Domo moving away from hosting data as a strategy?
A: Cloud ampflier gives flexibility to leverage whatever data system best fits your use case and business strategy.

Q: How does the partnership with Snowflake super power Domo in a way that Amazon and Databricks do not?
A: All of our Cloud Amplifier partners allow you to get even more value out of your existing data storage solution. As was announced at this year at Domopalooza '24, our Snowflake integration now supports the ability to run Magic ETL dataflows using Snowflake compute. We plan to add similar capability in the future to both our Redshift and Databricks integrations.

Q: When should I use Cloud Amplifier vs. Domo Connectors for making my data available?
A: For any of our database connectors that have an available Cloud Amplifier options, we recommend using them. Connectors are great if data that you plan to query often needs to be in Domo.

Q: Can I use Cloud Amplifier and still write my own queries to create datasets in Domo?
A: Currently, this option is only available for Connectors. Coming soon to Cloud Amplifier.

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