dashboard not reflecting filtered values


I have a dashboard which has filters by semester term and college.
There is a column for type of housing and a metric in the dashboard. The metric should display upon the filter on college as a whole as it is constant across all terms . However, it displays only upon filtering the terms, as the data is present across rows alongside semester terms.
How do I achieve the display upon filtering the chapter?
Can I use a formula of group by saying, when the housing type is constant across all terms then display the constant term?
If yes how do i achieve that?



  • ST_-Superman-_

    Hi @art_in_sky - could you provide some more information about your data structure? Maybe provide a few rows of data (feel free to change the data, but keep the schema consistent). This would help get an answer to your question.

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  • art_in_sky

    the first column is the college and the second column is the semester term. It displays only when term semester is filtered and when college is filtered , it does not display the value that is constant across all terms.