Domopalooza Domo.AI Feature Release

AnnaYardley Domo Employee
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We are excited to announce two new AI features coming to the Domo platform.

Domo's AI Model Management

We’re excited to announce that Domo’s transformative AI Model Management platform is now available to everyone—giving you fast and secure access to AI and machine learning (ML) models like never before so you can seamlessly integrate them into your business processes. Now you can connect to your model of choice or build and train your own model hosted in Domo’s controlled and transparent environment, mitigating risks and security concerns. By bringing the model directly to your data in your existing secure environment, your data doesn’t get exposed, you’re protected from the risks associated with public models, and you’ll be more confident in the output’s reliability and validity because you know how the model is being trained.

Domo. AI Chat

Ever wish you could just ask your data anything? Perhaps you’d like an update on this quarter’s sales performance, want to understand how a marketing campaign is performing, or simply need a pulse on the health of your business. Explore your data in ways you never have before with Domo’s new AI chat feature—empowering you with contextual, personalized insights from your data with both narrative and visual responses. Transcending the boundaries of simple NLQ, AI Chat knows what’s relevant to you—suggesting the next best action by generating new visualizations, setting proactive alerts, calling AI models, and so much more. It understands context, knows if you’re navigating between dashboards and apps, and is aware of what data and filters are present—intelligently guiding your conversation at every turn and right within your flow of work.

To join the Domo.AI Chat beta, please send an email to

To learn more about these features, visit our release notes and Domo.AI informational page.