multi-line graph trend lines

I am trying to add a trend line to Multi-line graph...any suggestions?



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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @jrubio with their question?


  • Smu
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    Hello @jrubio


    Currently the trend line option is only available on a single bar or single line chart. You can access it through the chart properties on these chart types listed in the 'Regression Line' section, and the 'Show Linear Regression Line' checkbox.



  • kshah008
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    @jrubio, did Smu's reply help answer your question?

  • You could try using the scatter plot graph type and create a date range (beast mode, eg month number) for your x axis. With a small number of categories (say 2-6), this could display points over time, and you can turn on the regression lines within the scatter plot. 


    Haven't tried this myself, but it's how I'd approach it given the current set of cards available.

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