Face gauge status depends on Gauge Name


Currently I have a Face Gauge card, with a Gauge Value that is a Count of a field. I set the ranges and the face displays green, yellow or red.


When the only thing I do is change the Gauge Label by dragging a different field on it, the face changes color. Dragging the original field to the Gauge Label returns the face to the original color. I don't understand how changing the Gauge Label changes the Gauge Value field, and can't find any information in the documentation. Would it please be possible to explain how the displayed face depends on the Gauge Label?


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    Sorry, I personally don't know how to solve that problem, very weird. Hopefully someone else can chime in here. 


    However, usually when I create face gauge cards I will create a beast mode to use as my label field. I will create a string in my beast mode to use as my label. Example -- 'Face gauge label name' 


    Let me know if that does anything.

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  • Hi SV,


    When using any gauge card, it is important to keep in mind that the field you use for your "Gauge Label" is how the card is grouped. If there are multiple different values within the field you are using as your "Gauge Label," it is likely the card is pulling one of those values randomly, which could explain the color changes as you swap out different fields. If there are, in fact, multiple values within the field you are using as your "Gauge Label," a best practice is to apply a filter to that field for the specific value that you want to represent in the card.


    On the flip side of this, if you want to include ALL values that reside within the field you are using for your "Gauge Label," you would not want to include in a filter, however, the card will still pull a random value to represent. A great best practice that I utilize for this scenario is to create a very simple Beast Mode (as seen below) that works well with gauge cards. Use this "Single Value" Beast Mode in your "Gauge Label" field and you should be able to see your card represented correctly.


    Domo 2015-12-09 11-15-52.png


    Please let us know if this helps!


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    @sv, did any of the above replies help answer your question?

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