Did something change with the Adobe Analytics OAuth Connector in the last 2.5 weeks?


For the past 2.5 weeks I've been getting an error on all my data sets connected to my Adobe Analytics OAuth Connector. "Domo is ready, but Adobe returned an error when validating the report description: The access token provided has expired. Check your data…" But I have reauthenticated the connector every day and nothing has changed. Our Adobe ID and secret haven't changed since we set up the connector and I am an admin in both Adobe and Domo.


  • GrantSmith

    You'll want to log a ticket with Domo Support as they own the connector and is likely something in their code which needs to be updated.

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  • user14703

    I've tried but each time I go to the support website there's an error message and I am unable to open a new case so I was trying here first.