Marking Duplicates So I Can Filter Them Out


Good afternoon,

I am trying to mark rows that match up with each other as duplicates so that I can filter them out and only have the truly unique records left.


So after I mark and filter the only record left will be the third one that doesn't have a match.

What is the best way to do this?

Thank you in advance

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  • ColemenWilson
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    Ah sorry I missed that you want both the original and the duplicate row gone when a duplicate exists. Interested in your use case - why you want both records gone when there is a duplicate and not just the duplicate? Is it that the duplicate transaction is to zero out the previous? If that is the case, and `retail` is the field that is being zero'd out then I agree with @ST_-Superman-_ 's approach. Here is how I did it using the data you provided with the correct output you are looking for:

    1. Overall ETL:

    2. Group By step:

    3. Filter Rows step

    4. Output - Only unique rows

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