Access to Datasets


Currently 95% of our datasets are Excel files that we upload to the datacenter manually and build cards off of that.  I was under the false impression that the datasets that I upload to the datacenter were only seen by me and other people with card creation ability could not use those datasets.  As it turns out, anyone with card creation ability (editor and up) can use my datasets to create cards of their own.


What are the best practices to control this?  I'm well aware of all the sharing capabilites with created cards.  I'm mainly concerned with people using the data that I upload to create their own cards.


For example, If I'm an editor in the marketing group, I don't want another editor in the Finance group to use my data to create a card.  I'd expect my dataset to be only available for me to use and if i build a card off of that data, I can then share the completed card with the Finance person.


  • swyatt
    swyatt Contributor

    In the Admin settings change their account to "Participant".

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @BrianL, did swyatt's response help answer your question?

  • alexpeay
    alexpeay Domo Employee

    @Brian_L Currently in Domo as you share cards you are implicitly sharing the data from the DataSet the card was built on. If the user you share the cards with is an editor, priviledged or admin user that will mean they have access to the DataSet and can use that DataSet to create additional cards. This model enables a very free and engaging sharing model for the data that Domo is built on. As described below one way to prevent this behavior would be to make your users a participant which means they will not have access to the Data Center and won't be able to create cards.


    We are exploring updates to our sharing model that will give you more explicit control over your DataSets, your example use case if very helpful as we enhance our model. If you have other use cases please provide them here.


    Thanks for using Domo and providing feedback.

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager