Form and Dataset Brick Allow Users to Edit

ericx Member

I have installed Form and Dataset Brick from Appstore, and it appears that only the individual who installed the brick has the authority to access the "Save and Finish" options. Even if the owner of the installed brick grants ownership or access to other users, they are still unable to make changes. It's unclear whether this limitation is due to the brick's design or if Domo user permissions are preventing other users from making modifications. Does anyone have insights into whether this is possible or if it's related to Domo user permissions?


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  • JasonAltenburg
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    This is not currently possible.

    "Only the person that installed the app is able to edit the app. You can use “Save as” to make your own copy."

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  • JakeWright

    Regarding this Brick, did you ever figure out how to get the form to sync to the data set you linked it to?

    I've set the sync=true. I've changed up the form quite a lot. Added dropdown options, created a backend that populates latitude/longitude fields automatically based on user entered address, etc… Just can't get the sync to work.

  • JosephMeyers
    JosephMeyers Domo Employee

    If there is a sync issue it's usually one of a couple things. First you want to make sure the Owner of the collection has access to the dataset the collection is syncing to. Second you want to verify the data in the collection matches the schema. Lastly, you can force a full replace by adding a new document and then deleting that document from the collection.