Table Total Row and Beast mode Aggregation


Hi experts,

I'm tying to build a table of consumption by subtracting a total on different days.

I'm using the lead to get the next value and subtracting the current one:

When I able the total row option an error occurs:

My first question is why is it happening?

My second question is why doesn't the bar chart aggregate the calculated Consumption when I graph by month? (The values are listed per day)


  • Hi @VictorLuiz ,

    Just making sure, your dates are dates and not datetimes right? So if you go to the dataset that powers these cards, is that column DateTime a date or does it show hours and minutes too? That might be the issue for the 2nd question. I think I need to see more about the 1st question to understand.

    John Le

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  • VictorLuiz

    Hi John,

    Yes, the DateTime column shows date, hours and minute. I used the Beast Mode to extract only the date an it worked, thank you for the tip.

    Regarding my first question, I tried to adding the consumption column directly in database but when I select to show total row it still doesn't working.